[Please Note: There are notes available that describe what was done at the February meeting. They may be useful.]

BMUG February News

The BMUG Committee have decided to split our news and offer an agenda for each monthly meeting a week before the meeting - and then send out a gentle reminder the day before. We are hoping that you will find the agendas interesting and choose to come along, perhaps bring a friend, and sometimes bring your device or even your homework! We will also have a monthly nwsletter but it might take a new form too!

At the meeting on February 13, our focus will be how our portable (and other) devices can link us into information and reading/listening entertainment using the services of our libraries. For our March meeting, we will go to the Library in Geelong for the afternoon - we hope you can join us. We'd like you to bring your iPads and portable computers to the February meeting (in Ocean Grove) and your CoGG Library card, if you have one.

And please help us, if you can! We are trying to complete a new website for BMUG. It is very graphical but so far without nearly enough pictures of BMUG activities. If you have some photos - please contribute them - it'll help incredibly!!

Hoping to see you next week -

Liddy Nevile.

The February BMUG Meeting

As we are planing a visit to the Geelong Library in March, we are hoping to work on 'Computers and Library Resources' at the February meeting. We will tackle some of the services available to us by starting with a quick demo and then giving it a go ourselves (in small groups). If you can bring a device, that'll help but anyway, we will aim to share devices and expertise so all are welcome with (or without) devices and expertise!)

The Geelong Libraries offer 24 hour free wifi - that is, wifi inside and outside the libraries! To join the Library wifi using an Apple product, see http://www.grlc.vic.gov.au/services/wifi/


For some tasks, using the specially designed apps provided by the Library for free will make the task much easier. Some of these will be explained and demonstrated.

The Libraries have an amazing range of resources and can borrow things from other libraries for us. Borrowing guidelines (how many things; for how long; how to make a booking for something, and how to renew an existing loan online): http://www.grlc.vic.gov.au/services/borrowing-guidelines

Browsing the online Library catalogue at https://catalogue.grlc.vic.gov.au/client/en_GB/public/  can be tricky. There are, of course, ways of improving your search so we will explore the catalogue and see what helps.

The Libraries offer face-to-face sessions to help Library users. These are called eKnow How sessions and are offered by the Library at various times. Check them out at http://www.grlc.vic.gov.au/whats-on?keys=&field_event_organiser_nid=2859 Typical topics include: looking up info for travel; scams, viruses and identity theft and cybersafety; Facts on File, Encyclopaedia and Proquest online; intermediate iPad skills; Adobe Spark to make a multi-media story from some pics; various sessions to do with 3-D modelling and virtual reality, and emagazines (RBdigital).

We will explore some of these topics together at our meeting. The Libraries make access to these resources free for members.

Ancestry services

We will see how to take advantage of the free subscription to Ancestry offered by the Library (only on-site) and what can be done with Ancestry (http://ancestry.com.au/).
Other sites offer similar services: My Heritage.com: http://myheritage.com/Ancestry and Ancestor.com: http://www.archives.com/Ancestor and, for free, the Mormons' site: http://www.familysearch.org.

Chasing up ancestry often involves other resources such as the National Library's Trove service, and more.

Genetic testing is possible to determine ancestry - see National Institute of Health section on ancestry testing: https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/primer/testing/ancestrytesting Think carefully about implications of results!

Listening to Text Books

Many eBooks are not audio books but often they can be converted or listened to using specialist applications. We will consider the pros and cons of this. See https://www.cultofmac.com/170577/have-your-mac-read-ebooks-to-you-os-x-tips/

Other sources of Books and Info - for free

Librivox - books read aloud by volunteers or books for you to read to contribute; http://librivox.org/

Project Gutenberg: These people offer a mere 56,000 ebooks to you for free!

Another Library Visit?

There is a dedicated heritage and research area at the Library. We will not pursue the activities there on the first visit in March but hopefully on a visit later in the year. See http://www.grlc.vic.gov.au/glhc The focus in the area is Geelong's history.