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July 2022

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Next meeting - August 9 at 3.00 pm at the Leopold Library


A Fun and Informative BMUG Meeting for All

Our agenda for the next meeting, 3.00 pm at the Leopold Library (or on Zoom), is about something of interest to many of us.


Carol is going to show us a very nice little electronic book she has made using her photos and some clever work and a famous poem!It is a credit to her but something we could all do with time.

Second, those photos....

We are all worrying about those photos we have - thousands of them in most cases.

Are they safe? Suppose you drop your USB-stick into your coffee, or slip and pour your coffee over your keyboard, or drop the computer or have a flood or a fire or....we can go on but you get the message. Storing your images on your phone, your iPad, your computer is not having a secure collection.

So, you can choose to trust Mr Apple, or Mr Google, or some such person - I don't! You can have a backup so you can load up your dvice again if things go wrong but there is another nasty problem. How many images have you? Who knows what is where? What is this picture - where were you?

At the up-coming meeting we will have the privilege of learning from tech guru Peter Batchelor what he has done with his images. You will be fascinated to see what he does and also to see his images.

Join us for a thorough session on images/photoe at 3.00pm, Tuesday 9th August.

If you would like to Zoom in, send a request for a Zoom link but if you can join us in person, we'll be at the Leopold Library.

Request a Zoom link

Our plan is to learn what can be done this month then to see what BMUG can do to help its members by providing facilities and simple instructions, and then to have a workshop to check out our problems and whooppee! We'll have it all together then.

Why not join us! You are welcome to bring friends too :-)


Last Meeting - Tesla!

The July session of BMUG was an opportunity for us to learn about the man Tesla, inspired to do so by the car, of course. First Peter introduced us to the story of the missing Tesla files, and then why they are so interesting. This talk about physics etc is not hi-tech - but about an incredible man.

You can enjoy the session as recorded by going to the page where we store records of meetings:


Apple Insider - articles of interest

How Apple's Files app is getting better in iOS 16 & iPadOS 16

The Files app brings basic file management functionality to iPhone and iPad. While it isn't as robust as Finder on Mac, it can accomplish most of what a user would need for managing files.

Files started as a way to see everything stored in iCloud Drive, then expanded into third-party cloud services like Dropbox, and finally ended up with local and network storage options. Now, the feature set has expanded again with a few much-needed updates to navigation and file control in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.



The macOS Monterey user's guide to Keychain Access password management

Keychain Access is an Apple app in macOS that stores passwords and other login information — and it has a few features that go beyond iCloud Keychain. Here's how to get the most out of it.

Hidden inside the Utilities folder in the Applications section of Finder, Keychain Access doesn't immediately announce its presence. Safari stores usernames and passwords but that interface is more of a different way into Keychain Access. Before shopping around online for a third-party password manager, consider the Mac's built-in utility.

Keychain Access contains the various keys, passwords, and certificates created by the system with options for editing and deleting. In addition, it includes two features not found in iCloud Keychain: secure notes and a password generator.


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