Bellarine Mac User Group – Annual General Meeting

(Draft Minutes 2021)

Time: Tuesday 14 September 2021 at 15.40 pm
Venue: Via ZOOM.

Attendance: Carol Wilson, David Dixon, John Beatty, Karin Gissing, Ken Grinter, Liddy Nevile, Maureen Foulkes, Peter Cross, Peter Poteralski, Robert Morgan.
Guests: Peter Baldwin, Dick Brown.

Apologies: Deb Elea, Clara Oakley, Peter Oakley, Prue Paterson


Confirm the minutes of the last AGM held 13 October 2020
Moved: Peter Poteralski Seconded: Liddy Nevile Vote: Unanimous

2. Receive President’s report 2019/20
Moved: Liddy Nevile Seconded: Peter Poteralski Vote: Unanimous

3. Receive Financial report 2020/21
Moved: Peter Poteralski Seconded: Liddy Nevile Vote: Unanimous

4. Future Directions Discussion: Some possible options.
1. Wind up ($4K would need to be transferred to another community organisation).
2. Continue in current format
3. Amalgamate with Melbourne group
4. If continue, change of meeting focus from technical details to actual usage of hardware and software. Invite interviewees to discuss variety of topics from technical to social.

5. Committee Nominations & Election
As no nominations received prior to meeting, nominations accepted from attendees
President: Liddy Nevile Proposer: Peter Poteralski Seconder: David Dixon Vote: Unanimous
Secretary: Peter Poteralski Proposer: Liddy Nevile Seconder: Carol Wilson Vote: Unanimous
Treasurer: Peter Poteralski Proposer: Liddy Nevile Seconder: All/David Dixon? Vote: Unanimous
Committee: Ken Grinter, David Dixon, Maureen Foulkes Vote: Unanimous
Note: Prue Paterson co-opted after meeting

Declaration: All elected.

6. Future Member meetings format discussion.

Broadening involvement in members interests, needs, problems
Several member(s) giving a profile of their interests, skills I.e. similar to a ‘getting to know you’. Provide presenters with a proforma to assist them with their presentation.
Alternative meeting locations - outdoors
Meeting frequency: Monthly, with mode & venue to be decided beforehand each month

Meeting closed: 16:35