BMUG AGM 11 Sept 2018

President’s Welcome
• Guests welcome.
• Newsletter sent to members.
• Membership: need to decide whether $20 annual subscription vs $2 per meeting attendance.

Attendance: 14 signed in.
Apologies: John Roszbach.

2017 AGM meeting minutes accepted
Proposer: Carol Wilson; Seconder: Peter Oakley
Unanimous acceptance.

President’s Report - emailed to members and available on website.
Treasurer’s Report - emailed to members BUT not available on website.

New meeting venue being considered at, Ocean Grove Community Hub. Next committee to be held there to appraise the facilities which include free WiFi, insurance, parking available, tea/coffee making facilities etc. Equipment storage will be investigated.

Suggestion that location proximity to local high school could draw a younger membership.
No reason to raise a $20 annual membership subscription if this venue suitable due to lesser associated hire expenses.

Committee nominations:
President: Liddy Nevile.
Vice President: Carol Wilson.
Secretary: Peter Poteralski.
Treasurer: John Roszbach.
Committee members;
• Mary Ann Lorimer;
• Robert Morgan;
• David Dixon.
Unanimously elected.

Presentation: Alternative Theatre - Liddy Nevile


• Theatre Online - enables viewers to see faces more easily when compared to live performances. Subtitles available for both hearing able and deaf viewers absent in live performances.
• Digital Theatre. Available via monthly subscription or payment per performance.

Other web sites
• promoting modern theatre
• Globe Theatre
• Upstart Crow from BBC

Radio Plays
• - reading books.

Future meeting topics

Meeting closed 5.30pm