March Meeting of Bellarine Mac User Group - March 10, 2020

This meeting will have three parts.

Part 1

Professor Eva Mendez will be here from Spain and tell us about a number of interesting things she does as a digital information expert. For a start, Eva will, hopefully, tell us how a female library scientist came to be a prominent person in the digital space. What have libraries offered to the Web of information and services we all use.

Then, Eva will tell us about the work of a number of communities to take advantage of the technology and adopt an 'open' perspective to information. What does it mean to be 'open' and why is it attractive to those who operate in the open space.

In particular, Eva will tell us about open science - what is it and how does it work and help advance science in the world.

Part 2

We will learn about Brave. Have you heard of it? Brave is a new Web browser with new ways of working. Safari may be familiar but what would you get if you changed to using Brave? Ken Grinter will not be with us on this occasion, unfortunately, but he has provided some background materials for this and we will have a lively discussion of the issues.

Part 3

David Dixon has promised to help us learn to use the Reminder app as best we could. He will tell us about this.

And we have a question from a member that I have to admit I have lost. Please whoever wrote to me come to the meeting and ask the question again.


Finally, we have a request for help in Drysdale - if you can help with this problem, please let me know (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The person says:

I am wondering if you can point me in the right direction to get some help.
"I have a new iPhone 11 and 4 year old iPad. I also have an old 13 inch Macbook Pro 2011, which I am considering upgrading if I can get some support on updating my skills. I am a Disability Pensioner, retired for 8 years due to illness. Prior to my illness I was able to use these technologies. However I have now fallen behind. I find the Apple on line tutorials difficult to use, as I have some cognitive issues caused by my illness Do you know of anywhere I could get some help? I would be prepared to pay someone for some tutoring or advice if required."