BMUG Member Meeting 9/3/2021

Q. What are people’s thoughts on resuming face-to-face (F2F) meetings?
Bellarine Training & Community Hub current situation is that can hold F2F meetings.
- Room rental $25/ hr vs per person
- QR code registration required
- No masks but social distancing 1.5 m
- clean surfaces touched at end of session
- Tuesdays still available 3:45 - 5:45 or 3 - 5 if preferred
=> return to face to face for all meeting or hybrid I.e. 4 meetings, 1 per season interspersed by Zoom.

Tony C supportive of this format of quarterly F2F meetings with the remainder via Zoom, otherwise stay with Zoom for all meetings. All contingent on vaccination roll out.
Ken G suggested that for the F2F we also have Zoom to include others unable to easily attend joining or preferring not to.

Conclusion: we should do a wider survey of all members to obtain their preferences.


Follow up from Feb meeting - has anyone yet visited Jordan at Bay IT Computers? Comments?

Tony C positive experience, similarly David Dixon. Alternative iPhone Guys for iPhones

Tips & tricks. Keyboard shortcuts. which has links to;
- Accessibility shortcuts;
- Safari shortcuts;
- Spotlight shortcuts
- Startup shortcuts
Keycue app (Peter Cross) - refer for tutorials (including Keycue) on various functionality (subscription US$8/mth?). David to prepare summary sheet + URLs for variety of shortcuts.

Social communication Apps - Facebook, WhatsApp etc. What do members use? Privacy/Security concerns? Techniques to avoid hacking, identity theft, marketing etc? Safer alternatives? Alternative email providers?
Safari has anti-tracking built in - Clicking Shield icon in top menu displays how many trackers blocked and further clicking > can get which trackers these are. Clicking on (i) provides numbers and details of tracking over last 30 days.

Fake news. - Where do you source your news? How to detect fake news?
Apple/Mac information - Where do you source your information from?

Buying non Apple products either online or instore Apple. Warranty coverage? Replacement options? Non ACCC Law compliance options/actions? Peter P will contact ACCC to investigate as apparent abrogation of responsibility contrary to

MacOS update issues. Related to users installed software? Difficulties with addressing both Intel & Apple Silicon hardware variations? Other?

Applecare use of ‘Safe’ [Shift]_[Start] and/or ‘Recovery’ [Cmd]_[R] startup modes. (Refer item 4)
Apple occasional use of Malwarebytes for additional troubleshooting. Etrecheck & Etrecheck Pro is useful tool for troubleshooting (first suggested by Peter Oakley). Free, but Pro version for more detailed/powerful analysis only for fee.

Noting reference ‘Easy VHS to DVD’ app raised interest in the conversion process. To be pursued further also for film.
TechTool Pro’ for identifying/isolating problems, macTracker for checking models history.

How to save file to a specific sub-folder?

Multiple address books linked to different user names for different purposes e.g. friends, family, work.

Best preview/vignette/quick look file options

Edge Computing
Edge computing is a distributed computing framework that brings enterprise applications closer to data sources such as IoT devices or local edge servers. This proximity to data at its source can deliver strong business benefits, including faster insights, improved response times and better bandwidth availability.

Why edge computing?
The explosive growth and increasing computing power of IoT devices has resulted in unprecedented volumes of data. And data volumes will continue to grow as 5G networks increase the number of connected mobile devices.

In the past, the promise of cloud and AI was to automate and speed innovation by driving actionable insight from data. But the unprecedented scale and complexity of data that’s created by connected devices has outpaced network and infrastructure capabilities.

Sending all that device-generated data to a centralized data center or to the cloud causes bandwidth and latency issues. Edge computing offers a more efficient alternative; data is processed and analyzed closer to the point where it's created.

Because data does not traverse over a network to a cloud or data center to be processed, latency is significantly reduced. Edge computing — and mobile edge computing on 5G networks — enables faster and more comprehensive data analysis, creating the opportunity for deeper insights, faster response times and improved customer experiences.

Microsoft Hack
The White House fears a significant number of organisations around the world have been compromised through a back door installed via recently patched flaws in Microsoft's email software, and warns it "could have far-reaching impacts”.

The hacking has already reached more places than all of the tainted code downloaded from SolarWinds Corp, the company at the heart of another massive hacking spree uncovered in December.
All of those affected are thought to have used web versions of the Outlook email client. (current at 9/3/2021)
Supposedly not affecting MacOS versions.??

Which email app do you use?