WWDC News - Apple World Wide Developers Conference 2021

Peter Cross found some interesting reading on 9to5Mac before the actual conference: https://tinyurl.com/jt5mr5ey although their former employee, Mark Gurman, is normally the most reliable source for Apple rumours (especially when it comes to hardware).

See the Conference at https://developer.apple.com/wwdc21/

See commentary at  https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2021/06/productivity-apple-wwdc-2021/ for best toys.

Summary of news - from Peter Poteralski

A. WWDC 2021 Summary sourced from AppleInsider

MacOS Monterey

Addition of Universal Control - can use keyboard, mouse/trackpad on Mac to control iPads or other Macs nearby.
With one keyboard & mouse users can switch between controlling any of the devices, but also allow movement between them all, with drag and drop working across every device.

Shorcuts - automation tool is a more straightforward system than the longstanding Automator or AppleScript. Enables the ability to easily link together a series of actions to design shortcuts for your specific workflows irrespective of which app is open.

Safari - incorporates privacy and performance features, with new system for displaying and using tabs.

Privacy and iOS compatibility - Adds new features to Messages + adding features from new iOS 15
Shareplay will enable a FaceTime call with friends and colleagues, users can share movies, music, etc.

Focus, Translation, and Privacy;
- can set Focus across devices to filter out unrelated notifications;
Translation "Translate text anywhere, even in many third-party apps”;
Privacy - users who currently pay for iCloud services will automatically be upgraded to iCloud+, which adds new privacy features to the Mac, including a VPN.

Availability and compatibility
Some older Macs will not be able to upgrade.

iOS 15
Spatial Audio will make it easier to determine who is speaking in a group call by making the audio seem to come from the person's portrait currently talking.
Grid View will help reorganise the call and make it easier to see everyone in a call at once.
iMessage users will benefit from new options to collage and stack photos for sharing, giving more ways to display shared images with others visually. A new "Shared with You" section within Apple Music, Safari, Podcasts Photos, Apple News, and the Apple TV app will compile shared content for later listening or viewing.
Live Text - an automated optical character recognition feature whereby users can point the camera at text on a board, sign, or page, and Live Text makes it selectable and able to be copied and pasted elsewhere. Can use it to scan photos practically anywhere. Also includes support for seven languages and can recognise objects and scenes.
Spotlight Search - updated with the ability to search for photographs within the user's library. Contact searches are also improved, complete with showing whether they enable DND mode.
Photos - will take advantage of Apple Music support in the Photos app for its Memories function, expanding the music being used to accompany the slideshows.
Wallet - gain the ability to use the app as digital identification (Australia?)
Weather - updated user interface
Maps - updated map experience to Australia, Italy, Portugal, and Spain later in 2021. Extra information will be offered to users in cities.

iPadOS 15
While it includes many of the feature changes of iOS, it also has some changes aimed just at tablet users.
Allows widgets to be freely placed anywhere on your iPad's Home Screen.
Several new widgets, including some for Find My, Contacts, and GameCenter.
A significant update to Swift Playgrounds, users can create apps entirely on their iPad as the first step in mobile app development.

Watch OS8
Health & Fitness additional functionality.
Photos app has a new iPhone-like design with a mosaic layout, memories, and featured photos.
Messages & Contacts - additional controls.
Home app - additional functionality

B. apple.com WWDC 2021 Apple OS update preview URLs
iOS - https://www.apple.com/ios/ios-15-preview/
iPadOS - https://www.apple.com/ipados/ipados-preview/
MacOS Monterey - https://www.apple.com/macos/monterey-preview/
WatchOS - https://www.apple.com/watchos/watchos-preview/
TVOS - pending